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It’s hard to write a ‘recap’ for something like the NYC Marathon. Nothing could truly do justice to the five boroughs/26.2 mile run I enjoyed yesterday. So I’ll break it down by borough instead…

Staten Island:

Waiting in the tent in twelve layers of clothing for four hours was…long. I tried to soak in all of the nervous chatter and energy of seasoned and first time marathoners around me. I knew the experience would be over too soon and I would want to remember ever second of it. As I waited in the tent I imaged the run, I worried, I got excited, I nervously talked too much to the sweet girl waiting with me. But nothing can truly prepare you for what the NYC Marathon has in store for you. When the gun went off to start our wave and Sinatra started crooning over the roar of the helicopters, I saw NYC in the distance and we slowly made our way over the Verrazano. It was the beginning of an incredible journey…

Brooklyn:(Photo credit Carlos Ayala Photography, I found this posted on the Marathon facebook page and since I am in it, I thought it fair to share it!)

The first 1-13 miles were a blur. As we cruised into Brooklyn, I began to think about seeing my parents outside of their apartment at Mile 8. As I approached, I took off my (above pictures) long sleeved grey shirt as I was beginning to get a little sweaty in the sun. My dad was there, but my other family (brother, bro’s GF, fiance and mother) and their crazy signs were not. Strange…but I kept running, knowing we would see my friends boyfriend at mile 16 and my family (all together hopefully?) at mile 18. Fort Greene I have to say was one of the best parts of brooklyn. Although the early 4th avenue was epic and lined with people and bands, running through the beautiful brownstones with people cheering their faces off in a more confined area was ridiculous. Ft. Greene, I have a new respect for you.

to be continued….



Sunday, after 5 months of injury, 4 months of training and countless miles of running, I will be running the NYC Marathon. And then I will make my triumphant return t0 blogging with a full recap and maybe a restaurant review or two thrown in for good measure.

Cheers to that.


And if you live in NYC/speaking of NYC i had to share this.

Heartskiesss to this funny-ness:


Eat & Counter-Eat: Hiatus, Pride, back on the wagon…

Sooo it’s been awhile since my last post. Here’s a semi-recap of what life’s been like:

1. Wedding planning

2. Seeing friends and family

3. Wedding planning

4. Healing my hamstring and getting back on the workout ‘train’

5. Wedding planning

6. Wedding planning

7. Wedding planning

8. New restaurants

Did I mention wedding planning has taken up quite a bit of my time? Perhaps. I liken trying to get married on the island of Manhattan to a war. You’re constantly under siege. I never believed people when they said “Ha, try planning a wedding in Manhattan with less than 2 years.”. I scoffed at the notion. Us NYC-ers can’t be that crazy, right? Wrong.

Me: “Hi, calling to find out if your band is available on XX/XX/XX?”

Band: “hahahha no we’ve been booked for months”
Me: “Hi! Wondering if you’re available to do makeup for my wedding on XX/XX/XX?”

Make up Artist: “Ohh so sorry I’ve been booked for a month now…”

Really people?? Stop stealing my vendors!! 😉 I kid. Sort of. It’s been a wild ride.

I think I’m ready to get back on the blogging band wagon, it will be nice to vent about the insanity of wedding planning, but more importantly document my progress towards running…


Training starts 7/5/10
. I will be posting my weekly training plan, progress, tips etc etc. And I will be hoping that seasoned marathoners will weigh in on their suggestions and ideas. More like counting on it…? In an attempt to get my injured hamstring back into running I ran a VERY sweat 5 mile run in Central park this weekend celebrating Pride. Living in the West Village, Pride has always been an important weekend for me. Whether it makes my life impossible a little difficult (we literally cannot leave our centrally located WV apt unless we are insanely strategic since all roads are blocked…) or not, the very notion of a weekend dedicated to Gay rights and rights in general to me is an awesome thing. And one of the reasons I don’t ever see myself leaving Manhattan. Where else can you see a 6’3″ transvestite dressed in a leaf thong? Lurvee.

So as I attempt to get my act together and re-balance my crazy life…

Restaurant reviews to come:





side note: in order to maintain an adequate semblance of privacy I will not be giving details on the date of my wedding or other ‘exposing’ details. i hope you will all understand 🙂

Eat & Counter-Eat: …..Bueller….?

Whew. There has been some serious eating. A dive back into 6:30 am spin classes. Some mountain climbers and full body workouts that left me spent. And then there was that little thing where four days after my 4/26 post….

After 4ish years, M put a ring on it 😉

I am so clever with that statement, yes? 😉 As a result of that action, he no longer has to listen to me sing the Beyonce song while I bop around and spasm wave my ring hand/finger around in the air. Usually when drunk I have a drink or two at bars. But the really exciting part? He gave me a great restaurant to review also. So uhhh uhh ohhhhhhhhh uhhhh uhhhh ohhhh uhhhh (or something like that, right?), hold on to your ring fingers for an ‘epic’ bucket-list EAT post coming soon.

Sneak peak….

I apologize for the lameness of this post. I will make up for it soon.


Eat:Da Andrea (“Where everybody knows your name”)

There’s something about walking into a restaurant and eliciting genuine smiles and personal greetings from all of the servers and managers. In the West Village, M and I are lucky to feel that way quite often. There are many small restaurants we frequent (some as often as one a week on average) where we are warmly greeted by name and quickly seated. Our orders are remembered, our silly nuances and preferences accommodated without a questioning look or NYC eye-roll. Many people cite NYC as being an anonymous city. A city that moves too fast, leaving no time for the human experience on the whole,  a city where people are busy pushing by you and don’t stop to talk to you. Da Andrea is one of the handful of places in the city that really ‘slows’ down for us, despite the restaurants incredible popularity.

Formerly of Hudson Street, Da Andrea offers homemade pastas, delicious seafood, fantastic meats and everything else in between for absolutely incredible prices. Nothing off the regular menu is above $20 and the fish specials are the only thing which exceed that price point (usually around $23 for a tuna or other premium fish). It’s a perfect place to go with a big group (the back area is usually reserved for larger parties) and also a great place to go “just the two of you”. A small amount of outdoor eating allows you to enjoy West 13th’s quiet pace while the windows to the restaurant also open in the warmer weather for an enjoyable breeze.  I could write a post on every entrée, a love poem about my feelings for this treasure, but instead I’ll make it easier for all of us….


  • Prosciutto plate: freshly baked and doughy small rolls with mouth watering prosciutto. Sprinkle a little of the fresh parmesan on top, you’ll thank me later.


  • Grilled calamari or grilled octopus, both are delicious, flavorful and fantastic starts to a meal here. You can’t go wrong with any appetizers, but these flavors just don’t fail to impress.

Warm octopus salad with potatoes, olives, and capers at Da Andrea, West 13th Street, New York by Eating In Translation.


  • Fresh pastas, all delicious in their own right but their meat ragus/sauces are truly rich, warm, deep and boldly Italian


    • Zuppa di Pesce: this is my go to order. You’ll rarely find me ordering anything else. Reminiscent of a cioppino, all of the seafood (calamari, mussels, fish, shrimp and other treasures) is cooked in a zesty and delicious tomato broth and I absolutely savor every bite. Don’t forget to let the grilled breadsticks sop up the broth and enjoy them mid-way through…(Yes, I take this dish seriously….)


    (source: village voice)

    • Lamb: although I am not a huge lamb person myself, having tried this I can attest to its epic size and taste. It is truly an amazing piece of meat.

    Enjoy the generous portions, the great service and everything else about Da Andrea.  Just don’t take my table.

    ( bet 5 th Avenue & 6 th Avenue)
    35 West 13 Street, New York, NY 10011
    (212) 367-1979


    We’ve all been there. I was there this morning, actually… Imagine this: I am curled under my fluffy down comforter, listening to the soothing sounds of sirens blaring below my window, and I couldn’t envision anything worse than getting out of bed. I could sleep forever. I could call in sick  to work….enjoy a splendid day off and…REALITY CHECK. I will not make money whilst sleeping (Although I have been working on figuring out how this could be possible…) I will not burn sufficient calories (in order to enjoy my copious amounts of eating…), tone and keep my body healthy while sleeping. Although, again, I have toyed with this concept many times…. Staying in bed is the wrong choice. But I did this morning. I made that wrong choice, lulled back to sleep by the sirens and a questionable stomach grumble.

    This is what I missed:

    So immediately after I overslept, I scheduled a 6 mile run for 8:15pm. Because you know what? Exercise is important. I know i’m not explaining the theory of relatively here. Everyone know it’s important.

    Why is it important TO ME?

    1. My mental health depends on working out. It relieves stress, releases endorphins (and happy people don’t kill people…name that’ movie 🙂 ) gives me a sense of accomplishment and generally makes me happy.
    2. It allows me to eat a relatively balanced diet all week and enjoy some splurges on the weekends. Without the guilt.
    3. It’s a commitment to your long term health. Becoming a regular exerciser is something which will become a part of “you”. I know I now make time for exercise 5-6 days a week when it used to be 2-3. Maybe. It has become a healthy habit.
    4. What else am I really doing that is constructive during that time? Watching TV? Reading blogs about healthy living? There is time for all of that, and like sweets and fatty foods, it should be enjoyed in moderation. Also, you can read blogs while riding a stationary bike! You can watch TV while on a treadmill!! Time to get rid of the excuses creative 🙂

    Why do YOU exercise????

    Eat: Guest Post Alert

    On Missy Maintains!

    Here’s a transcript 🙂

    Hi all!

    My name is Sara, guest blogging for the fabulous Missy while she soaks up the sun on vacation (SO JEALOUS!). My forte, as some many remember but all will learn is eating, specifically; eating out at restaurants. I consider it a hobby, a joy and an obsession of sorts. That said, dining out can be a veritable healthy lifestyle landmine (I don’t use the word diet, in the immortal words of Weight Watchers-which I have never followed and know little to nothing about-DIETS DON’T WORK. But I digress; this is a post about the fabulous world of restaurants…)

    sara pic

    The good news? Dining out doesn’t have to impede on a healthy lifestyle. I eat out approximately 6 times a week or more, at delicious restaurants, oftentimes without extremely healthy (albeit delicious) options. Despite my addiction to NYC cuisine, I am maintaining a 25lb weight loss since college, regularly run half marathons and attempt to maintain an all around balanced and healthy lifestyle. It is possible :)

    sarah 2

    Here are some of my best/most used tips when dining out in NYC ANYWHERE:

    1. Always look at the menu beforehand if you can. is a great resource in NYC and google-ing the restaurant will often lead directly to the menu. Never come to a restaurant ‘blind’. You should know the cuisine; familiarize yourself with what options are at hand. This will help you to make a healthier decision when your butt hits the chair you sit down. If you cannot look at the menu before you get there, take time with the menu. Explore the options. Don’t let anyone rush you into making a less than stellar choice!
    2. Always choose something light to begin with like:
      • Salad w/ a light dressing or dressing on the side
      • Carpaccio/raw fish dish
      • Vegetable based (stay away from veggies + cheese)
      • Non –cream based soup
    3. If you are sharing appetizers with a group and do not have much say in the ordering…MAKE YOURSELF A SMALL PLATE. Pick the items you wish to try and place them on a plate. Once your plate is made, eat slowly, finish it and BE DONE
    4. If you want to indulge in drinks, try to skip the bread or chips. I find sometimes eating out becomes a ‘special occasion’ way too often. Indulging in alcoholic drinks often lowers your inhibitions and you might find yourself dipping into the bread or chip basket more than you would have otherwise. Also, it is wise to pick one indulgence. Alcohol OR bread/chips. Calories add up, unfortunately.
    5. Choose an entrée ideally which has healthful components. For example:
      • A fish with a light sauce or glaze with veggies instead of a starch. Don’t be afraid to ask for a modification with a huge smile on your face!! (More on that later….)
      • A whole wheat pasta dish with vegetables and or protein with a red sauce. Cream sauce is, unfortunately, usually not a great bet
      • “Share” an entrée (notice the quotations around share) with a friend, spouse or date. If you know you want to try a creamy and slightly less healthful dish that you know someone else will order, offer them a small portion of yours for a small taste of theirs. It is a fun way to try what you want while still choosing the healthy option.
    6. Limit yourself to small bites of dessert if it is something you “HAVE” to try. Dessert packs an incredible amount of sugar/caloric punch usually. Tiny forkfuls can sometimes quell a craving for an entire/dessert/treat after a meal.

    Final thoughts:

    • DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR MODIFICATIONS. Sauce on the side, light on the sauce, veggies instead of a starch…there are so many healthy ways to SLIGHLTY modify a dish. Disclaimer: There are VERY FEW times (but it has happened to me!!) where a modification, in the chef’s eyes, will “ruin a dish”. If this is a case, try something else!
    • ENJOY! Everyone knows there are times in life that warrant indulgences. Frequently meals out are attached to these times. Enjoy yourself, but attempt to operate with healthy parameters to the BEST of your ability!

    Eating out is not always easy. The fact that ‘rules’ exist to help you make better choices (all of the above have been adapted in one way or another from nutrition advice I have received and read over the years) shows that very clearly. The truth is, however, the more adept you become at navigating the ‘healthier’ side of menus, the more enjoyable eating out will become for you. These suggestions are by no means saying ‘never order the mac’n’cheese’. That is unrealistic and NOT FUN! The idea here, as with any healthy lifestyle choices, is moderation.


    What are YOUR tips and tricks when dining out???

    Thanks for reading!