About Me

I know nothing of TV, celebrities, reality shows or general pop culture. I know of restaurateurs, restaurant openings and chefs who are making and have made history. Clearly, I really like to eat. If I do, however, see a celebrity I recognize (this being highly unlikely) I will include it in the description of the restaurant below. After all, if Steven Spielberg likes it, I should too, right? All of the information below reflects my personal experiences and opinions at these restaurants. I am an incredibly adventurous eater. Always consult the restaurant’s menu before venturing into any of these spots. I am also a huge omnivore and cannot vouch for the vegetarian street cred of any of these places. Please use my suggestions at your own risk and feel free to offer me modified feedback on any place you feel I have grossly misrepresented. Happy eating.

10 responses to “About Me

  1. I love that you are a “huge omnivore”

  2. I will go with you for the vegetarian opinion on any restaurant!

  3. Hey girl! So glad you’re back 🙂

  4. So happy to see you back!! 🙂

  5. Your list of restaurant reviews is exciting! Can’t wait to read them all 🙂

  6. Very cool! I’m actually going to NY in May – i’ll have to hit you up for some suggestions!!

  7. Sarrrrr:

    And I always thought “Counter-eating” was a well done burger and fries at Woolworth’s! Now I discover that it is something I should know about.. Keep on blogging… See you at the counter soon.. xoxo

  8. You’ve been so very helpful to me and Austin today! We’re hitting up the boutiques in an hour (taking a rest break now!). Hope you guys have fun at the Standard – it’s so nice!! (i walked through there last night – lovely restrooms hehe)

  9. Wish I had found your blog before my trip to NYC two week’s ago. Hope to be back in Sept/Oct though, so maybe learns some good spots for then! Keep finding the good stuff. Thanks.

  10. I really love your about me. I never recognize celebs but I do know food. I’m new to NYC to I’m to learn about the new places you try out.

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