Running out of words…

And time! Who knew a full recap would take a month…? Not that you all were sitting on the edge of your seats, but the truth was that the end of the marathon wasn’t as exciting as the beginning and middle. Well, except for the very end. Basically past mile 20 I was in uncharted territory. PDR, the whole shebang. To be honest? I was really ready for this little jog the marathon to be over with. I absolutely couldn’t wait to hit the finish line, get wrapped in my space blanket, GRAB my medal (I’ve never gotten a medal from the 30+ races I have run…) and DRINK. Oh and eat of course. Does that make me weird??? Has anyone else ever felt that way while running their first marathon? I digress… I trudged along, saw my future sister-in-law (who I wasn’t expecting to see, AWESOME!) around mile 24. And I truly. Thought. This. Run. Would. Never. End. And I’m not dramatic or anything. It seemed interminable. As I passed the Chilean Miner (I know!?!??!?!) I wanted to just walk the final mile. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful central park scenery, the adoring crowd…and then BAM I saw four fabulous friends at mile 25.something. Their scream of encouragement and my surprise at seeing them for a second time on the course: (exhibit A, I am an ugly runner surprised:

Drove me a smiling, happy finish. I waved to my adoring fans as I crossed the finish (aka: my parents, brother, his gf, my fiance waiting in the coveted bleacher seats who captured me in this epic portrait)

Final thoughts?

  • Running a marathon is awesome. I can’t wait to do it again in 2012.
  • Running a marathon isn’t pretty. See above images for pictorial evidence of that reality.
  • Running a marathon kills your social life during training.

And in the spirit of the last, deep thought, I’m off to drink 🙂




ps) I hope to return to my regularly scheduled blogging program of:

  • Eating (have a couple of good restaurant reviews lined up)
  • Working out (some things never change)
  • Wedding planning (I bought a dress, booked a place and am ready to DO this thing)



2 responses to “Running out of words…

  1. Amazing!!! You did so great and I LOVE that surprised picture of you!

  2. what a wonderful accomplishment!! I’ve now ran 2 half marathons but I’m just nervous/scared of thought of training and running a full. I hope to do it one day.

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