Start spreading the news…

It’s hard to write a ‘recap’ for something like the NYC Marathon. Nothing could truly do justice to the five boroughs/26.2 mile run I enjoyed yesterday. So I’ll break it down by borough instead…

Staten Island:

Waiting in the tent in twelve layers of clothing for four hours was…long. I tried to soak in all of the nervous chatter and energy of seasoned and first time marathoners around me. I knew the experience would be over too soon and I would want to remember ever second of it. As I waited in the tent I imaged the run, I worried, I got excited, I nervously talked too much to the sweet girl waiting with me. But nothing can truly prepare you for what the NYC Marathon has in store for you. When the gun went off to start our wave and Sinatra started crooning over the roar of the helicopters, I saw NYC in the distance and we slowly made our way over the Verrazano. It was the beginning of an incredible journey…

Brooklyn:(Photo credit Carlos Ayala Photography, I found this posted on the Marathon facebook page and since I am in it, I thought it fair to share it!)

The first 1-13 miles were a blur. As we cruised into Brooklyn, I began to think about seeing my parents outside of their apartment at Mile 8. As I approached, I took off my (above pictures) long sleeved grey shirt as I was beginning to get a little sweaty in the sun. My dad was there, but my other family (brother, bro’s GF, fiance and mother) and their crazy signs were not. Strange…but I kept running, knowing we would see my friends boyfriend at mile 16 and my family (all together hopefully?) at mile 18. Fort Greene I have to say was one of the best parts of brooklyn. Although the early 4th avenue was epic and lined with people and bands, running through the beautiful brownstones with people cheering their faces off in a more confined area was ridiculous. Ft. Greene, I have a new respect for you.

to be continued….

5 responses to “Start spreading the news…

  1. Looking forward to reading about the last 13 miles!

  2. I’ll impatiently wait for more… =)


  3. Congrats!!! can’t wait to hear about the rest of your journey. Totally agree, that portion of the race (Ft. Greene) was amazing!

  4. Can’t wait to read more!! I ran Sunday too!

  5. congrats!! i totally understand what you mean about putting it into words.. i would be the same way 🙂

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