Eat & Counter-Eat: Hiatus, Pride, back on the wagon…

Sooo it’s been awhile since my last post. Here’s a semi-recap of what life’s been like:

1. Wedding planning

2. Seeing friends and family

3. Wedding planning

4. Healing my hamstring and getting back on the workout ‘train’

5. Wedding planning

6. Wedding planning

7. Wedding planning

8. New restaurants

Did I mention wedding planning has taken up quite a bit of my time? Perhaps. I liken trying to get married on the island of Manhattan to a war. You’re constantly under siege. I never believed people when they said “Ha, try planning a wedding in Manhattan with less than 2 years.”. I scoffed at the notion. Us NYC-ers can’t be that crazy, right? Wrong.

Me: “Hi, calling to find out if your band is available on XX/XX/XX?”

Band: “hahahha no we’ve been booked for months”
Me: “Hi! Wondering if you’re available to do makeup for my wedding on XX/XX/XX?”

Make up Artist: “Ohh so sorry I’ve been booked for a month now…”

Really people?? Stop stealing my vendors!! 😉 I kid. Sort of. It’s been a wild ride.

I think I’m ready to get back on the blogging band wagon, it will be nice to vent about the insanity of wedding planning, but more importantly document my progress towards running…


Training starts 7/5/10
. I will be posting my weekly training plan, progress, tips etc etc. And I will be hoping that seasoned marathoners will weigh in on their suggestions and ideas. More like counting on it…? In an attempt to get my injured hamstring back into running I ran a VERY sweat 5 mile run in Central park this weekend celebrating Pride. Living in the West Village, Pride has always been an important weekend for me. Whether it makes my life impossible a little difficult (we literally cannot leave our centrally located WV apt unless we are insanely strategic since all roads are blocked…) or not, the very notion of a weekend dedicated to Gay rights and rights in general to me is an awesome thing. And one of the reasons I don’t ever see myself leaving Manhattan. Where else can you see a 6’3″ transvestite dressed in a leaf thong? Lurvee.

So as I attempt to get my act together and re-balance my crazy life…

Restaurant reviews to come:





side note: in order to maintain an adequate semblance of privacy I will not be giving details on the date of my wedding or other ‘exposing’ details. i hope you will all understand 🙂

2 responses to “Eat & Counter-Eat: Hiatus, Pride, back on the wagon…

  1. Awesome! My training starts on 7/5 too…holler for NYC!

  2. My training starts two weeks later as I’m doing a 16 week plan but good luck! You’ll be awesome as I’m sure your stronger than ever!

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