We’ve all been there. I was there this morning, actually… Imagine this: I am curled under my fluffy down comforter, listening to the soothing sounds of sirens blaring below my window, and I couldn’t envision anything worse than getting out of bed. I could sleep forever. I could call in sick  to work….enjoy a splendid day off and…REALITY CHECK. I will not make money whilst sleeping (Although I have been working on figuring out how this could be possible…) I will not burn sufficient calories (in order to enjoy my copious amounts of eating…), tone and keep my body healthy while sleeping. Although, again, I have toyed with this concept many times…. Staying in bed is the wrong choice. But I did this morning. I made that wrong choice, lulled back to sleep by the sirens and a questionable stomach grumble.

This is what I missed:

So immediately after I overslept, I scheduled a 6 mile run for 8:15pm. Because you know what? Exercise is important. I know i’m not explaining the theory of relatively here. Everyone know it’s important.

Why is it important TO ME?

  1. My mental health depends on working out. It relieves stress, releases endorphins (and happy people don’t kill people…name that’ movie 🙂 ) gives me a sense of accomplishment and generally makes me happy.
  2. It allows me to eat a relatively balanced diet all week and enjoy some splurges on the weekends. Without the guilt.
  3. It’s a commitment to your long term health. Becoming a regular exerciser is something which will become a part of “you”. I know I now make time for exercise 5-6 days a week when it used to be 2-3. Maybe. It has become a healthy habit.
  4. What else am I really doing that is constructive during that time? Watching TV? Reading blogs about healthy living? There is time for all of that, and like sweets and fatty foods, it should be enjoyed in moderation. Also, you can read blogs while riding a stationary bike! You can watch TV while on a treadmill!! Time to get rid of the excuses creative 🙂

Why do YOU exercise????

3 responses to “Counter Eat: HOW TO FIT IN THE COUNTER-EATING

  1. Are we the same person? 🙂 I rolled over this morning and regretted it all day. I didn’t eat as well as normal all day and felt sluggish. But, I too went to the gym tonight since Bo was my accountability rock and dragged me to Equinox’s body pump and ab class! 🙂

  2. Legally Blonde!!! Ahh, I love you 🙂

  3. Balance I think. Exercise doing something you love (hopefully). Eat food that’s good and when you feel like it, eat food that’s GREAT! Love your approach to the holistic concept. We North Americans can use a little more balance I think.

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