Eat: Toloache


From the folks behind Yerba Buena and Yerba Buena Perry….Toloache.

Midtown is a dodgy area to try to get a good meal. Some of the most fabulous and expensive restuarants live in Midtown, and some of the worst and subsequently overpriced restaurants do as well. As such, I consider Midtown on the whole a restaurant battle/minefield. Feel free to disagree and send good suggestions my way. We often take clients out in Midtown, so I do have a pocketful of good places I enjoy. Short of that, I try to stay away. Situated right off of Broadway/close to the theater district (double gag 🙂 ) Toloache is a solid “Mexican” food option.

The dramatic quotation marks are because paella and ropa vieja are by no means dishes of Mexican origin. While delicious, those are Spanish (as in, SPAIN) and Cuban respectively. Not that I am hating on this. I adore paella and ropa vieja. But I do sometimes cringe when a restaurant claims to be a specific cuisine and then borrows from other parts of the world. I digress.

The food was solid, not life altering. The guac was refreshing, the spicy guac is definitely the way to go, however. The drinks were flowing (drinking at client lunches on Fridays is a past time of this industry) and I abstained since I plan on enjoying a run in this unseasonably beautiful weather right after work am stupid.

My grilled chicken salad, however, had I not been full off of the guacamole and ceviche (the ceviche is definitely better at Yerba Buena Perry, just sayin’….) would have been highly disappointing. There was approximate 1 ounce of chicken, two tiny slices of avocado and not much else going on. Buyer beware.

The ceviches were tasty, but I’ll take Mercadito or Panca any day (and even Yerba Buena Perry)

Drinks seem to satisfy those partaking

The service, however, was the real winner here. They were attentive, friendly, kept the (free) iced tea refills flowing for me and brought us complimentary tequila and desserts. When you have 9 people spending a lot of money, that’s how you SHOULD do it. I was highly impressed by the customer service and attitude of Toloache. For that reason I would reccomend it if you have to be in midtown. Otherwise? Seek higher Latin Mexican ground….

251 W 50th St
New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-1818

What is YOUR favorite Latin restaurant? NYC and beyond! I do travel, people 🙂

ENJOY YOUR WEEKENDS!!!!!! More reviews to come, I am sure I will be hungry this weekend 🙂

One response to “Eat: Toloache

  1. Sigh… why don’t I live in New York City. Looks delish.

    Enjoy all your plans for the weekend girl!

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