Who’s reading?

Just starting up and would love to know who’s scoping out my copious amounts of eating and copious decent amounts of working out…Leave a comment! Let me know where YOU like to eat in NYC.

And to entice you? A gratuitous picture of my beast of a adorable dog, Dirty Jersey.

9 responses to “Who’s reading?

  1. Aww thanks for your comment!! It made me blush!! That dog is adorable!!!!!

  2. Welcome back! Bo and I love Lupa, Papatzul, and Casellulah to name a few! Can we please try to grab a weekly Equinox class now that i’ve joined?

  3. I’m reading!! I like all those veggie places like Blossom and Wild Ginger, etc!

  4. I love your pup so much!! I love anywhere with outdoor seating and delicious fun cocktails.

  5. Awww, sweet doggie pics 🙂

    Just found your blog!

  6. I’m reading, but I aam in Boston and hoping to visit NYC again soon. Gorgeous doggie!

  7. Ummm… can you believe that I’ve STILL never been to New York. It’s such a tragedy I can’t even handle it.

    But I’m still reading!! 🙂

  8. Kacey-
    Yes! You have to come to NY!

    There is NOTHING like a good outdoor place. I will do an outdoor post soon with my favorites once the weather complies….

    Thanks!! Welcome.

    Welcome! I have heard great things about Boston and would love to visit! (I’ve only been at a young enough age to not remember it will 🙂

    I really want to try Blossom/some more veggie places. Let’s make a date! 🙂

    Still need to try Papatzul! My parents LOVE it. Yes, equinox soon! My schedule is a little crazy…

    Thanks, but seriously you’re awesome 🙂


  9. Your weim is beautiful! I loove them. We have two! They are the best running companions.

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