3/12- (eat + counter-eat)

3/12 – eat + counter-eat:

eat (lunch):

  • Friday afternoon started with a lovely co-worker lunch. We decided on the restaurantformerlyknownasHouston’s, ‘Hillstone‘. The options in Midtown East are painfully limited for lunch, for the most part it’s either break the bank or painful mediocrity. Although Hillstone is nothing special, the food is consistent. The salad portions are fair, the service is always attentive and for a chain restaurant it’s pretty solid.

The order:

  • Sashimi Tuna Salad seared rare ahi, mixed greens, avocado, mango, jicama, and miso vinaigrette (on the side) This was satisfying, but nothing too special. There was precious little avocado and the jicama definitely did not make an appearance…but the company was well worth it 🙂 Thanks, Jen!


  • Friday’s countereat (pre-dinner) including a brutual 1 hour training session at my second home, Equinox. My fantastic trainer Ed threatened me it was time to move to the next level. Mountain climbers while balancing on a bosu ball, somehow propelling myself off the same blue devil bosu ball with a 25 pound weight meant to be lifted overhead from a seated position…it was enough to prompt the member next to me to ask (in horror) “What are YOU DOING to her!? That looks IMPOSSIBLE!?” as sweat poured off me. Yeah, thanks, buddy. At least I was hungry for dinner…

eat (dinner):

Deriving it’s meaning from the ‘offering’ (las ofrenda) given on the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) in Mexico, Ofrenda offers a nicely priced upscale Mexican cuisine in a small W. Village space. The old “Ostia” is revamped and a lot more appealing to the taste buds in my humble estimation. Replacing the greasy and typical appetizers Ostia offered, Ofrenda has a more imaginative, lighter and cleaner feel to all of it’s dishes. The wine pour was generous, and the margarita, although devoid of salt was enjoyable.  Fueled by a killer countereat, I was definitely ready to beast on enjoy their wares…

The order:

To share:

Complimentary chips + guacamole-esque ‘dip’ + bean dip (nothing special, but the bean dip was slightly inventive and better than a typical offering of this variety)

Stuffed crab ‘situation’ (name is escaping me and menu doesn’t appear to be updated online) This was a light crab meat dish that had been combined with some variety of delicious sauce (mayo-based tasting almost) and put back into the shell. It was light (despite the may0-ish shout out) and delicious.


Callitos a la Plancha con Chile Cascabel – pan-seared scallops, sweet potato hash, grilled asparagus, cascabel pepper butter sauce (this dish was delicious and light despite the description, and more filling and generous than a typical scallop portion. the flavors went seamlessly together and had you dipping the scallops in just about everything to get all of the tastes simultaneously…<3 when a dish offers that)


Grilled salmon with roasted asparagus and guacamole (this was light, deliciously cooked and very satisfying. i was looking for a healthy option to pair with my 2 glasses of malbec, and this fit the bill perfectly. A huge restaurant pet peeve of mine is excess oil, it shouldn’t be a necessity in a delicious dish> The flavor of the salmon was clearly created more with spices than sauces, again, a personal preference)

M & I are already planning our return trip to this budget friendly and delish local spot (the 2 minute walk/proximity doesn’t hurt either…) When the weather is nicer I hope they offer the outdoor seating Ostia did, and keep the oil reminiscent of Ostia’s dishes at bay. I also hear the brunch is cheap and involves a shot of tequila and sangrita. So I may be saying ‘Hola’ to that pretty soon as well…


113 7th Avenue South
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-2305

One response to “3/12- (eat + counter-eat)

  1. we have a houstons here in boston & i would describe it the exact same way! (ok so i’ve never eaten there but its right next to where i work and im going off what others have told me ahah!)

    sometimes a hard workout can feel good! but what feels even better is eatin @ delish mexican spot after an ass kickin!! 🙂
    & im totally with you about the ‘oil drowning’! i hate that!


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