2010 Races

In my quest to qualify for the 2011 NYC ING Marathon (I am already qualified and entered into 2010!) I will be running the following races to qualify via NYRR’s “9+1”  program:

Qualifier(s) 1+2 : February 20th, 2010: Race for Haiti *Counts as 2 qualifying races* 4 miles/33:57/8:29mm

Qualifier #3 – March 28th, 2010: Colon Cancer 15K

Qualifier #4 – April 3rd, 2010: Scotland Run 10k

Qualifier #5: April 18th, 2010:  Run for the Parks 4 mile

Qualifier #6: May 9th, 2010: Mothers Day 4 mile

Qualifier #7: May 15th, 2010: Healthy Kidney 10k

Qualifier #8: May 22nd, 2010: Brooklyn Half Marathon

Qualifier #9: June 12th. 2010: Women’s “Mini” 10K

“+1” Volunteer Credit: Continental Mile Race or Front Runners NY Gay and Lesbian Race

2 responses to “2010 Races

  1. I’m running the Colon Cancer 15k and the Scotland 10k as well! Good luck! And your 250+ restaurant visits/reviews in NYC that you attempted to gather is pretty impressive. Do you have a favorite NYC restaurant?

  2. Good luck to you too! I definitely need it since I haven’t been training over 6 miles in forever… 🙂

    If I had to pick a favorite (which is probably impossible) for a fancy restaurant I would go with Del Posto. Non-fancy would be virtually impossible for me to pick 🙂


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