Me too. After starting off by trying to list and review every restaurant I’ve ever been to in Manhattan, I petered out around 250+. I realized it was time to seek more sane ground. Overwhelmed with so many great (and terrible) places I’ve been to eat in this city, I have decided to start anew. I will instead be posting my weekly conquests reviews of restaurants, lounges and bars I have enjoyed or despised. Meals I have eaten, the booze I drank, the scene I saw. The whole kit and caboodle. This will usually include a Friday night dinner, Saturday brunch and dinner, Sunday brunch and dinner. Yes, I eat out too much. And if I start to take an interest in weekend cooking? You might just be privy to that disaster as well. So please, feel free to bear with me as I eat my way through all of Manhattan (while trying not to look like I am doing so)…


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